Year 2013 recap

R u ready?

Here are some of the highlights..

1. January
Celebrating Kheif 3rd birthday on 23rd.

2. February
Spent holiday to Padang with hubby and Kheif.

3. March
Traveling to Bromo and Malang with Cei, Sisi, Siska and Dodo.

4. April
Mmh, cant recall the highlight of this month. I think its the month when I lost my phone and lost a #^£÷(#*_÷£×&

5. May
Trip to Hong Kong – Macau

6. June
Me and hubby 31st birthday on 18th and 21th.
My beloved father last birthday on 17th. 63 years old. It was the last day we met. my last kiss saying Happy Birthday.

7. July
The saddest month of my life. Dad passed away on 2nd.

8. August
Traveling to Bangkok with Dinni, Sisi and Obet.
Traveling to Tokyo and Kawaguchi with office.

9. September
Still in Japan. Extend to Yokohama.

10. October
Buying decent running shoes and start running outdoor.

11. November
My first 5k race in SCHMI

12. December
Re-start the taking out rice in daily meal and change my carbs intake into bread, pasta and sometimes noodles.

To sum up, 2013 was all about traveling in planes both for work and leisure, my passion in make up and running, and also year of losing.

Happy new year 2014, peeps.


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